Fantastic Benefits Of Having Wi-Fi Hotspot In Vehicle

Benefits of having a Wi-Fi hotspot in your vehicle

Read all about the amazing benefits of having wi-fi hotspot in vehicle.

The days are gone when we used to visit cyber cafes for dropping an e-mail or surfing the internet for your favorite things. Besides living in a dynamic environment, innovations continue to be introduced. There is hardly any day around when we do not rely on the internet.

In addition, the strong internet connection offers a great experience whether it is to shop online, compare mobile phones, stream videos, or do any other tasks.

Wi-Fi hotspot in the vehicle is becoming common and available in most vehicles. Besides, it is not easy to know how these devices work, and what they offer and if you are new to this automotive technology then stick around to know more. 

Cars with Wi-Fi- Everything you need to know

If you are planning to buy a new car installed with Wi-Fi then you must know how the Wi-Fi works before we get into the benefits of the automotive Wi-Fi systems.

Read all about the amazing benefits of having wi-fi hotspot in vehicle

AutoSwiftly answers the question you need to know, if car wifi worth it? Find out all about benefits of wifi in car today!

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The working of Wi-Fi

In short words, the working nature of Wi-Fi in the car works like a hotspot. Moreover, it has a transmitter and receiver similar to the home router. The connection speed won’t be fast as you are expecting. In addition, there is no need to touch the device as the car system will do it all for you.

The transmitter is connected with a cellular data connection. Also, you can browse online videos, listen to online music, and utilize GPS for directions. 

How fast is the Car Wi-Fi?

The car’s Wi-Fi is not as fast as the home router; this is because of two reasons. Firstly the transmitter does not carry enough power to offer a faster connection. Secondly, the car constantly moves around, and sometimes the loss of network can slow the Wi-Fi connection.

The metal parts of the car act as tough objects slowing the internet connection speed. In addition, the fewer the objects the better Wi-Fi will work and offer a great user experience.

What are the advantages of in-car Wi-Fi?

Check out the advantages one can avail with the car Wi-Fi:

The robust antenna utilized for cars offers a greater connection than the Smartphone hotspot.

  1.  There is nothing to worry about battery drain.

2.    Letting you associate multiple devices without worrying about speed.

3.    Smartphones have become an important aspect of our daily lives, and with the introduction of unlimited data, usage life has become smoother, faster, and more productive. Moreover, if you are someone who uses the car for business, or does frequent passenger trips then you will enjoy great benefits and experience a remarkable journey.

 Which vehicles offer in-car Wi-Fi as an option?

Many reputed car manufacturers started to offer Wi-Fi advantages and few makers offer six months free trial. Audi, BMW, Mercedes, Fiat, Chrysler, Ford offer the benefit of internet connection for their different car models. In addition, if you are keen to know about the models .

Just go through their official websites and select the Wi-Fi feature and the complete list will pop up.

Why is there a need to get Wi-Fi in your car?

Car WI-Fi is a great choice rather than using a phone while driving and paves the way towards secure commuting. Moreover, the connection speed won’t be as fast as the home router because of the reasons mentioned earlier at the start of this blog guide.


Nowadays, most of us are attached to smartphones for different purposes. Moreover, with the utilization of a Wi-Fi connection, you can stop using the phone while driving. This will secure you from accidents or any other complication you need to be away from.

Besides, the car system will get the tasks done without making you utilize the Smartphone and offering entertainment at the same time.


Whenever in a hurry and pending tasks make you worry throughout the driving then the use of car Wi-Fi can solve your problems. In addition, the use of an internet connection will help to complete the tasks without experiencing any stress and giving you sighs of relief.


Every car comes with entertainment add-ons, and a quality music system offering you one-of-a-kind entertainment. If you want to go for a long trip and do not have a music playlist, stop worrying as the Wi-Fi benefit will help you to stream music online.


There are many misconceptions about in-built car Wi-Fi systems considering being expensive. Moreover, they are not expensive yet an add-on to the car features for which we pay at the time of buying the car. Installing the Wi-Fi connection to an older vehicle will incur heavy costs in comparison to purchasing one equipped with a Wi-Fi connection.

What are the features offered by the car Wi-Fi?

The cost of car Wi-Fi depends upon the features they are offering. In addition, the topmost car Wi-Fi on the market offers the following features:

  • 4G/LTE Speed
  • Connect with Wi-Fi spots even if you are 30ft away
  • Dual Bands 
  • Device Charging Port
  • Data Plan

At last, if you have a lot of business tasks around and commute for a longer duration then getting the Wi-Fi connection in your car is a great choice to make. 

Even if you get bored while driving then using the Wi-Fi will keep you entertained through streaming videos, listening to online music, and even more. The best part of the wifi hotspot in the vehicle is that it allows you to keep your eyes on the road while driving and ensures safety.

Find out how amazing having wifi connection during your road trip will feel. Everyone have needs emergency services at times and having internet access is veru important. Bring your 4G LTE portable hotspot completely built in your car.

If you are needing these mobile hotspot in your car, purchase an amazing wifi enabled vehicles with AutoSwiftly today!

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