What Is Adaptive Suspension? Learn Here!

What is Adaptive suspension?

In the past, cars used to have fixed suspensions, and with time innovations arrived. Moreover, the fixed suspension was new technology in its time and offered the benefits that people were looking for. Now, the introduction of adaptive suspension has made the driving experience smoother and comfy.

In addition, an adaptive suspension adjusts itself according to the road conditions and counters the negative impact on the car due to bumpy roads, potholes, and other imperfections on the road.

Adaptive suspension aims to eliminate the issues taking place between the road and the person driving the car. In addition, car manufacturers offer three modes of adaptive suspension: electronic control, manually adjustable, and air suspension.

How does adaptive suspension work?

This kind of suspension is based on advanced electronic technology countering the negative impact caused by a bumpy road. Moreover, the utilization of sensors gets to know whenever there is something wrong beneath the wheels. The computer reads the data collected and transferred by the sensors and adjusts the suspension to offer a smooth and better driving experience every single time.

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Is adaptive suspension worth the cost?

The utilization of traditional suspension won’t offer a great driving experience if you commute for long distances on a daily basis and roads are not in perfect condition around your locality. Moreover, the adaptive suspension assures the ideal commuting experience and keeps the negative impact away leading to a better experience.

Drivers won’t face any complications when driving the car on bumpy roads as the suspension automatically detects and adjusts itself for a hassle-free drive. In addition, if you are someone who wants priceless commuting time then the adaptive suspension is your call.

Adaptive Suspension System

The big difference between an adaptive suspension system and a traditional suspension is the lack of springs. In addition, this sort of suspension does not rely on springs, instead it utilizes rubber membranes.

The key elements include:

Reservoir: Equipped for air collection

Air Compressor: Transfers the air to the reservoir

Rubber Membrane: Utilizes the air for cushioning the impact caused

Riding height sensors: Showing the height of the ride

There are two alternatives to this system. Firstly, the open option pushes away the air into the atmosphere whereas the closed one is efficient and works great with the pushing of the air.

The modernized suspension system also makes use of ride height. Moreover, ride height sensors lift the car and do not keep it tilt whenever the air is pushed off. Innovations have reduced the riding height to offer a remarkable driving experience. 

Adaptive Suspension Benefits

Adaptive suspension indeed offers immense benefits that are not present with traditional suspension systems.

Great Control:

A few car manufacturers offer different modes of suspension to match different commuting requirements. Moreover, the driver can choose the mode as per their requirements and earn a better driving experience.


The conventional suspension system is fixed and does not allow the driver to adjust them. With the adaptive system, the driver can drive virtually in any environment for a better experience. There is no presence of swift alterations in the traditional suspension system while the adaptive suspension is designed to offer a flawless driving experience.

Drive Modes:

Comfort mode makes the damper to be less stiff for a smoother driving experience while the sport mode makes the damper stiffer for faster turns.

This kind of suspension system keeps the car locked to the correct side of the road and counters the faults perfectly for a smooth driving experience. Also, expect better traction and control. The onboard computer reads the data to manage the active and semi-active suspensions.

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