Car Brands That Most Likely Have Cars With Leather Seats

Which car brands often have leather interiors?

An attractive car looks more alluring when it has astonishing interiors. What’s more, if the cabin matches the color theme and leather seats are equipped then the car becomes a whole package of style and class.

Moreover, certain brands are offering quality leather interiors making them stand apart from their competitors. Cars with leather seats tend to have higher prices than the same car having fabric seats. In addition, certain brands developed faux leather materials making it tough to recognize whether it is real leather or not.

This blog guide aims at telling you about the brands that make use of 100% leather seats while a few brands make use of mixed material. 

Which cars have real leather seats? Find out here!

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Check out the brands offering leather seats car

1. Porsche:

Porsche is a well-known brand and has grown immensely in terms of car improvisation and performance. Moreover, this German brand makes use of 100% leather material topping the list among the rest. The use of thick leather makes their car interior look astounding keeping the negative outcomes away.

2. Audi:

If you are searching for cars with leather seats and want a true luxury experience then Audi is your brand. The reputed car manufacturer makes use of 100% genuine leather and has gone beyond the limits when talking about client satisfaction.

Also, they offer the customization option allowing clients to choose the leather of their choice in terms of color, texture, and shape. The broad range of upholstery leather and trim alternatives make their car look attractive. Besides, the utilization of vegetable dyes makes the leather seats comfortable, luxurious, and durable for a longer duration.

3. Volvo:

Volvo is one of the leading brands when talking about leather car seats. They offer synthetic leather sports seats for S60 and V60 while all other models get premium leather seats. Every piece of the leather they utilize comes from the foremost leather makers having great experience and knowledge.

All the leather seats have to undergo lab testing, even if they offer an aesthetic feel, and great comfort and fail the test, they are no longer of any use. 

4. BMW:

The brand itself is a symbol of advanced engine engineering, and cars manufactured under BMW stand for their big muscularity and aggressive looks. Moreover, the utilization of premium leather makes the seats comfortable and eye-catching.

The use of natural dyes makes the seats durable, easy to clean, and have fewer maintenance costs. In addition, the use of Merino Leather is not dyed or artificially colored. This leather is specially designed for the M-models and is an additional accessory option for the 7 series.

5. Lexus:

This brand offers leather seats for a few models. In addition, the use of synthetic leather offers a luxury, premium experience, durability, and does not require a lot of maintenance. One will find cars with leather seats only in F sport edition and high-end super luxury cars.

The semi-aniline leather Lexus utilizes is meant for their luxury vehicles that are lightweight, durable, and affordable.

All the leather utilized by these topmost brands comes from the hides of the animal. The standard material utilized is sourced from synthetic and other natural materials aside from leather that is utilized for the base car models.

The high-end luxury cars will get leather seats made from the real hides of animals. Not only does it stop here, but the hides also have to go through a certain examination to know how durable they are and whether they will be able to offer the required comfort.  You must have come to know which big players out there offer leather seats.

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