Best Car Commercials of the Super Bowl of All Time

Find out the best car commercials of the super bowl of all time

No matter which car brand you admire and looking for the perfect wheels to fit in your garage. One thing that remains the same is the highly-priced super bowl advertisement. Moreover, many car giants outline creative car commercials to keep people connected during the breaks in between the football match.

The firm spends millions of dollars to showcase its end product most attractively. Besides, the team of skilled artists ensures to make the best car commercials so that the company does not compromise on quality outcomes. 

What are super bowl commercials?

These commercials are considered famous car commercials and one of the most expensive advertisements across the globe. However, they are presented on U.S television during the super bowl broadcast, which is the championship of the National Football League.

As per the survey done many people watch the super bowl due to the amazing car commercials. The use of special effects, quality video output and thrilling music make them the best ones. In addition, car companies have chosen the super bowl due to its vast reach and higher acceptance among people. 

The car companies target the super bowl to create more awareness about their product and services. Also, they focus to gather the attention of their targeted audience by offering them additional benefits before the launch. The price of the super bowl advertisement is quite higher but the results are worth the money invested.

Why are super bowl commercials famous?

Super Bowl advertisements have become more than commercials and become a major aspect of the NFL. Moreover, as per the latest survey, around 111 million Americans watch the Super Bowl and the commercials played in between. There is no longer a waiting time to promote your goods and services.

As the 30-second commercial is enough to show your brand and create awareness across the United States. If you do not believe it, go ahead and question a football fanatic about how they will spend Super Bowl Sunday, the answer will be watching alluring super bowl commercials. 

Big giants choose Super Bowl commercials because of the vast audience reach and creating product awareness in a short duration. In addition, the results are more impeccable than the price paid. Super Bowl promises to offer the returns no matter how short or lengthy the commercial is.

People like the commercials and many of them watch the Super Bowl for the best car commercials.

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Top 10 super bowl car commercials

1. Volkswagen:

The premium and big car name in the automobile industry made an ever-green impact with their new Passat commercial in 2011. With the theme of star wars alongside focusing on a family-oriented outlook, the commercial became one of the best super bowl ads.

2. Ford:

The launches of the Ford GT in 2004 cater major attention of speed admirers. With no use of any stunt or special effects, the commercial featured the power of the machine and the traction control with the track. Considered to be the amazing super bowl ad creating a buzz of real speed and engine performance.

3. Chrysler:

With the tagline imported from Detroit made an immense educational impact on the audience. It is one of the most thrilling super bowls commercials to run across the United States TV screens.

4. Volkswagen:

The tree super bowl commercial is recognized as one of the creative super bowl advertisements. Just look at the imaginary power of the creative artist behind the creation. A unique blend of artistry alongside spreading the awareness of the car at its best.

5. Jeep:

To ensure the perfect launch of gladiator, Jeep focused on presenting their car most competitively. No matter what season is around, how old you are, No days are the same with all New Gladiator. Perfectly picturized and showcased.

6. Chevrolet:

The creative mindset made an unusual super bowl commercial for the introduction of convertible SSR. Moreover, once you see the entire commercial you will get to know the meaning of the soap used in the commercial. 

7. Audi:

The return to the super bowl commercial was worth the time taken by Audi. Moreover, the inspired theme from the legendary movie The Godfather. Audi aggressively showcased their all-new R8.

8. Acura:

Even if the launch was not close, Acura focused on creating excitement and buzz among the audience. No celebrity face, no advanced cinematography, just the simplicity and connection among each other used to create hype for the new launch from Acura.

9. Hyundai:

With Chris Evans in the commercial or Captain America for young ones across the United States, it was clear that the commercial is enough to reach a vast audience with a simple showcase of the alluring features equipped in the all-new Sonata.

10. Nissan:

Being the old-school commercial that cannot match the visual presentation of today’s advertisement layouts but still the Nissan 300ZX super bowl commercial from the 80s can give goosebumps and take back to the nostalgic times how commercials were made in the past timelines.

So, this is it about the super bowl commercials. Looking to make an ever-lasting impact on the consumer’s mindset choosing super bowl commercials will surely help to create a buzz that can last for a longer duration.

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