Jump Starting a Car: Step by Step

The Proper Steps to Jump Start a Car

If you follow maintenance tips and keep the car in perfect condition then you can avoid certain issues for years. Moreover, if the car battery dies and you cannot start it then using jumper cables will help to jump-start the car. You must know that the other vehicle is having the same battery and voltage as the one equipped in your car.

You cannot start the car if you fail to connect cables properly. Therefore, you must have the skills to jump start a car for the best outcomes. The jump start car process is easier than you imagine, keep reading and learn the steps to jump a car.

Do not hold it to an unpainted metal surface.

Steps on How to Jump Start a Car

1. Parking: Make sure to park both cars near each other but ensure they do not touch each other.

2. Preparing: Open the hoods and perfectly unpack the cables. Ensure there is no loophole within the wires as it can affect the connection when charging the battery.

3. Connecting: Use the red clamp and connect it to the dead battery positive terminal. Attach the red clamp to the positive terminal of the working battery. Moreover, associate the black clamp with the negative terminal of the dead battery and vice-versa.

4. Start the engine: Turn on both the cars at the same time.

5. Take the wires: Make sure to remove the wires in the same manner you have connected before.

The last thing you need to do is wait for the engine to heat up and not drive instantly. If everything goes fine then you have to just jump start the car and if the same issue happens again the issue lies within the battery and it may need replacement.

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If the Jump start fails

This is not always the case but if you have made many attempts but nothing is working out then you need to know about the fault behind the failure process. Moreover, every battery comes with a warranty of 4 to 5 years and if it is in warranty then you can get it replaced by the company you have purchased. Sometimes the battery dies not because of its working power but due to other reasons. Make sure to check:

  • Fuses are working
  • Electrical Components are in place
  • Starting connection is working
  • Battery corrosion accumulation 
  • Ignition Switch

If you are unable to jump start a car and do not have ample knowledge of how to fix the dead battery issue then do not worry. The last thing you can do is talk with your dealership and they will send their professional mechanic to your place to get the issue settled. Facing problems because of a dead battery is frustrating and getting the problems solved is not a big task if you have taken professional assistance.

Jump starting your car saves money

If you are successful in jump starting the car then you can save a few bucks as charging the battery from local shops can result in unnecessary expenses. Moreover, charging the battery, again and again, can result in heavy costs. The suggestion is to get the battery replaced rather than dealing with the same problem again and again.

Be safe

This blog guide not only aims at sharing fundamental information on how to jump start a car but wants you to be safe during the process. It is mandatory to have proper gear while performing the task and if you are new to this thing then stop doing anything. Get in touch with skilled professionals to counter the negative outcomes. Safety is first so ensure you follow precautions before jump-starting the car.

Battery terminals can be very dangerous if not handled propery. It is important to know which cable to the positive red goes or where the negative cable goes. It will help you get the car run for a few minutes. This is very helpful with the car won’t start.

It is important to know where the negative black cable goes to as well so it can hold a charge.

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