Avoid Hitting Potholes, Learn How to Here!

Complete guide on how to avoid hitting potholes

Avoid hitting potholes today!

Planning to hit the road for the vacation is the ideal approach to get rid of the hectic work stress. Moreover, a smooth drive experience is worth the time invested but if a sudden pothole comes in between then the complete experience won’t be the same any longer.

Potholes can cause adverse damage to your car if not crossed properly. According to the American Automobile Association around 4 billion dollars annually are spent on vehicle repair because of hitting potholes. This blog guide aims at sharing necessary tips to help you to counter hitting a pothole for maximizing your driving experience and minimizing the damages.

The causes behind Potholes

Before getting to know how to avoid hitting a pothole, it is fundamental to know what causes potholes. Whenever the climate condition changes and leads to different weather such as hot temperature or high rainfall then water seeps into the road. With slow movement water freezes and reaches the pavements making them weak, bent, and curved. Moreover, the heavy traffic continues to drive over making the pavement break down resulting in big potholes.

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What Kind of Damage Can a Pothole Cause?

Potholes not only make your riding experience worse but also have the ability to cause severe damage to your precious car. Continue to read and find out the adverse impact caused by hitting a pothole.

1. Wheels: If you are driving at a high speed and all of a sudden get in touch with a pothole then it can result in bending of the tire to break down the wheel.

2. Suspension: Hitting potholes regularly can create issues within the suspension. A weak suspension can bring high vehicle repair costs late on.

3. Undercarriage: If your car has less ground clearance then avoiding potholes is necessary as they can damage the oil pan resulting in leakage.

4. Body Damage: Hitting a pothole at a high speed can result in adverse damage to the bumper and side skirts.

How to Avoid Potholes While Driving?

You cannot avoid potholes every single time but there are certain tips you can follow to minimize the adverse damage caused by hitting a pothole. There are tips you can follow on how to avoid potholes.

1. Control Speed: If you cross the pothole at a high speed then damage will be adverse. However, you need to slow down every time you see a pothole ahead to minimize the damage.

2. Manage the space: Sometimes it is not easy to know whether there is a pothole ahead. Moreover, if there is a car ahead and it has slowed down then try giving space and manage accordingly. If you continue to accelerate then it can result in an accident.

3. Ready for Puddles: If you cannot estimate the level of puddles ahead on the road then be cautious and cross slowly.

4. Maintain Tire Pressure: The tire in the correct pressure will help to counter the damage caused by potholes.

5. Do not use the brake often: If you put pressure on the brake all of a sudden won’t help at all instead it can cause damage to the brake pad. Therefore, it is suggested to slowly press the break for the best outcomes.

6. Have great visibility: With complete visibility, you can easily detect potholes from a long distance. It becomes fundamental to keep headlights in check and the windshield in place to overcome any negative impact caused due to hitting a pothole.

Knowing about the pothole damages

Most of the time the pothole damage adversely affects the tires and suspension. Hitting a pothole is the worst thing you can do while driving the car. Be cautious and check for the damages:

  • If your car is not moving in the right direction, it means you need to get the alignment fixed.
  • If the car is bouncing back it means the suspension has been damaged and getting it fixed at the earliest is the only thing you can do.

If you admire your car and want it to look in its best condition for years then the recommendation is to get the repairs done by visiting a professional mechanic. The skilled and experienced mechanic will get the repairs done and offer great returns for the money paid.

These driving tips will help your vehicle in front navigate the potholes on the roads properly. This will help minimize the damage to your vehicle and avoid popped inflated tires.

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