OnStar Benefits: Is It Worth It?

Are OnStar benefits worth it?

Is OnStar worth it?

At the time of searching for driver’s assistance, how can one forget to mention Onstar benefits? It has simplified the connectivity and offers many advantages such as free hands calling to changing music, etc. There are different on star car plans and this blog guide will tell you about them thoroughly.

What Does OnStar Offer?

The Onstar provides many features making the connectivity easy and flexible. Moreover, there are different plans, and features one can get with Onstar.

Easy Connection: You can stay connected with the preferred dealerships and update them about the vehicle requirements. The Onstar car offers ample benefits and marketplace offers through the Onstar capable vehicles.

Automatic Control: From turning on the engine to controlling AC to closing the door is possible with the Onstar application.

Data Stored: Onstar allows you to make calls and receive with their system. Also, getting help becomes easy if you forget or lose your phone. The availability of a vehicle’s Wi-Fi hotspot makes it easy to connect with other vehicles.

Complete Safety: The Onstar app takes care of your safety whether it is an accident, bad climatic conditions, or stolen vehicles, and assures a high level of security.

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What Are the OnStar Plan Options?

There are different Onstar plans you can choose from as per your requirements. In addition, there are add-ons you can select for customizing the plans. Reach the Onstar website and get the preferred plan matching your vehicle requirements.

Standard Plan

The standard plan is applicable for all those vehicles equipped with Onstar supporting interface. Moreover, this plan will cover all the standard advantages such as lowering the insurance cost by making you drive safely and efficiently. This feature will keep you updated and help to experience better driving not possible with the cruise control features.

You won’t miss the regular service, vehicle check-up, tire rotation, or engine oil change. In addition, with so many advantages Onstar will keep your worries away regarding safety and maintaining a car

Protection Plan

This Onstar plan will not only cover the benefits offered in the standard plan but offers additional protection to you and your loved ones. Besides, you will get great security against emergencies and crises.

  • Accidental Protection
  • Crisis Protection
  • Roadside Assistance
  • Automatic crash revert

The Onstar advisors are always there for your requirements. Whenever you require roadside assistance or your vehicle meets with an accident, there is no need to worry, instead make a call and the advisor will send the professional mechanic to your location. This will reduce the additional stress and burden when going through any sort of emergency.

Choosing this plan, you need to press the Onstar button in your vehicle to get assistance without making use of your Smartphone.

Security Plans: This on star cars plan is a step ahead of both the plans mentioned above. Not only does it cover the benefits mentioned in protection and standard plans but offers stolen vehicle assistance. This feature allows the drivers to find the vehicle with the authorities by using the GPS sensors equipped in the car.

The additional benefit this security plan offers is an alarm alert letting you know when the car alarm is activated.

Guidance Plan: This plan makes your traveling easier and faster, just need to press the Onstar button and the advisor will help you in reaching the destination. This is the highest plan covering all the benefits of the previous plans and offers additional 30 minutes of hand-free calling every month. 

Recap of Onstar Benefits Features and Services

Considering the plan you will choose comes with additional features and services offered by the Onstar application.

Close the door, control AC, play music, and make a hands-free call with the automatic remote control feature.


  •  Discover the location in the Onstar application and send it to the navigation system to reach without facing any troubles.
  •  Get roadside assistance by just tapping the Onstar button and the advisor will help you instantly.
  •  Sending the vehicle maintenance updates to the dealership and booking the appointment for keeping the vehicle in the best condition.
  •  Update the family members in case of an accident or emergency.
  •  Send notification to the advisors with an automatic crash response.
  •  Get professional assistance in case of bad weather conditions
  •  Make hands free calls without using any phone
  •  Get an update on the vehicle’s location when other family members drive it.
  • Access to Wi-Fi vehicle hotspot and connect up to seven devices at a single time
  •  Avail discounts, deals, and special offers at restaurants, and bars with the OnstarAtyourservice feature.
  •  Adapt the skills of secure driving with the coaching offered by the Onstar smart driving feature
  • Check the fuel availability, tire pressure, and oil change requirement with the Onstar app.

With such amazing features, Onstar will make your life go easy and your driving experience better alongside assured security benefits.

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