Dashboard Warning Lights: What You Need to Know

Everything you need to know about dashboard warning lights

Find out everything you need to know about dashboard warning lights.

The car you own not only fulfills your commuting requirements but prevents adverse impacts. Moreover, you need to listen and understand what warning lights do and stand for. With complete details, you can offer assistance to assist your vehicle.

Whether the car stopped working, less fuel available, or signals of the unclosed door, not understanding the dashboard warning lights can complicate things around. If you know about the warning lights on the dash then you can quickly handle everything before things got worse.

The dashboard lights always show whenever you start the engine and ensure that everything is working fine. If one of the lights begins to show then it means there is some sort of issue but if the dashboard lights are not working then you will never come to know about the problem within the vehicle.

Furthermore, if you do not know about the warning lights and their hidden meaning then the small issue turns into a bigger one and if things go out of hand then you need to pay a higher price for the issue. The vehicles manufactured today are based on the latest innovations offering a smooth, reliable, and quality driving experience.

Moreover, if you ignore the dashboard warning lights you will get the most out of these vehicles.

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Everything Explained

Different dashboard warning lights are having unlike meanings to protect you from unwanted damages and complicated issues. In addition, every warning light on the dash carries a different meaning, let’s explore what they are all about.

Warning car dashboard symbols and meanings can be very alarming, that is why we prepared this blogs for you. That way there is no exclamation point running through your mind.

Engine Alert

This is one of the worst alerts that nobody wants to see in the dashboard warning light. Moreover, if everything is working fine but the engine alert is popping up, do not ignore it. The suggestion is to take your vehicle to the professionals using OBD. In addition, OBD refers to board diagnostic systems.

This kind of computer thoroughly inspects the vehicle and solves the issue from loose gas caps to emission failure. The issue can range from loose wiring to a damaged air filter, or even worse. Besides, the problem can be severe such as an issue in the working of the engine itself.

Not considering the engine alert light will put you at great risk and can make you experience rigid problems late on. The suggestion is to not avoid the warning light and take the necessary steps to counter the issues.


The battery icon light will blink if there is any problem with the battery console. Moreover, the issue can be damaged battery, low charge, or battery water requiring replacement. Don’t relax if the car is working fine even after seeing the battery light.

The issue can be long-term and can create complications with the electrical elements of the car.


The symbol of coolant looks like a thermometer. In addition, the less coolant available, loose coolant cap, or leaking coolant can complicate things around. Moreover, the coolant dashboard light tells whether the vehicle is hot or not. Similar to the engine blinking light.

Do not take the coolant light lightly and take the required steps to counter the problems.

Commuting an overheated car is not safe and can lead to bigger issues. Therefore, maintain the coolant levels for a better transportation experience.

Transmission Climate

The transmission dashboard warning light shows up if there is any issue within the gearbox of the car. Moreover, the less fluid, excessive tear on the transmission can make you pay a higher price if preventive measures are not followed.

Fuel Light

To reach your destination and fulfill commuting requirements, maintaining fuel levels is important. Moreover, the fuel light will pop up if there is less fuel available. It is recommended to refuel the vehicle before the fuel goes empty and prevent troubles when commuting around.

Tire pressure

This kind of dashboard light comes in zigzag lines covered in circle form to display it like a tired icon. With the latest innovation, many car manufacturers have started to add this dashboard light into the car system. Moreover, this light aims to tell the driver about the ideal tire pressure to get a smooth driving experience.

Do not take things lightly as a non-maintained tire can result in additional problems such as imbalance of the car, punctures, broken rim, and even more. 


Whenever you start the car, the airbag light will be visible for a few minutes but go away after a few minutes. In addition, if the light keeps blinking for a longer duration then there can be a serious issue. The suggestion is to get the things checked under professional supervision for fulfilling safety standards.

What do you do when the warning lights on the dash come on?

The warning lights help to know if there is any issue within the car you own. Moreover, the warning lights have simplified many things around and ensure you do not experience any complications. There is nothing to worry about whenever you see the warning lights.

Instead, consider the manual book, and take professional assistance to get rid of the issues at the earliest. 

How to fix the warning lights on the dash?

If you think watching tutorials or scrolling through the internet for DIY methods will solve all the technical problems then get ready for time and effort wastage. To fix the warning lights, the suggestion is to visit the authorized service center for reliable service.

Besides, fixing the warning lights on the dash is not easy but the experienced mechanic could do it without keeping you worried all the time.

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