How to Negotiate a Factory Order Your Car? Or Buy Off The Lot?

Factory order vs. buying off the lot

Purchasing the first car is the dream of many and driving it proudly around gives a sense of accomplishment. Moreover, getting the correct shiny wheels alongside the alluring body paint and unique features makes your investment proud.

But, what will be the scenario if you fail to get the vehicle you are looking for from the dealer, what to do then? You can order it from the factory which is a different approach. Most dealers have limited stock of cars and they want to sell the ones they already have.

If you can find the same car you want then it’s great but if you are not able to get the one then ordering it from the factory is the last resort.

Is it possible for a dealership to order you a custom car?

The custom or special order means that the client wants the car with the specific color or additional accessories they want. In addition, they will visit the website and configure the vehicle online. Once everything finishes then they can order it directly with the dealership.

You can take the assistance of a third party helping them to complete the process. Also, you cannot get a custom car from most car makers. Few manufacturers are offering the benefit of special car ordering, so it becomes fundamental to search thoroughly and select the right car manufacturers for the perfect car orders.

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 How to negotiate a factory-ordered car?

The answer is yes, maybe no. This is so as one must negotiate the price before placing the car order. Moreover, once the order is placed then it won’t be easy to negotiate the price. If the car you order lies in the category of limited edition then makers may not be willing to reduce the price.

In addition, you need to make sure what you are buying and not paying anything extra.

Benefits of buying a car off the lot

There are many benefits of ordering a special car from a factory rather than buying the car off the lot.

  • You don’t have to pay for extra features
  • You will get what you want
  • Feel proud to be the owner of a unique car

You will get the car that has been configured by you in terms of styling, interiors, exteriors, and even more. This makes ordering a car a better option than buying a car off the lot.

Why is ordering a car a relief to the dealers?

Getting a car on special order is a relief to dealers in different ways. Firstly, they do not have to bear the insurance cost, and in-house expenses to maintain the vehicle in the inventory. With a special order, they can negotiate the price and close a better deal matching your terms making things flexible around.

How long does it take to get the ordered car?

The waiting time is far longer than buying a car off the lot. In addition, the basic time duration is around five to eight weeks. The cars built in Europe take around 90 days. Besides, the European SUVs are built in the US and Japanese car manufacturers do not offer such special ordering benefits.

Can a dealership order a car for you?

If the dealership has the latest advancements and all the latest tools that a buyer will go to use online, yes they can. In case they are just selling the inventory stock and have no interest in helping the buyer with a special car order then everything has to be completed from the buyer’s end.

What to choose and how to get the right car?

Most reputed car brands have an amazing and fast user interface helping the buyer to simplify the special order car process. Also, you can choose the exact color, and features you want for your dream car. They will do the same thing and ensure you will get what you have decided.

How much does it cost for a special order?

The price may differ from state to state but one thing that remains the same is depositing security. Moreover, the security is refundable even if you do not want to buy the vehicle once arrived.

What if I do not want to buy?

Yes, you can cancel the order or deny buying the car until you do not have completed the final paperwork. Moreover, the car makers will refund the money if you have filed for a deposit return.

I want the car instantly, what to do?

If you want the car at the earliest then special ordering is not your cup of tea and you have to choose the car from the lot. You have to compromise on the specific color and features required and select the one that matches your requirements.

If you have ample time and want the dream car according to your requirements in terms of color, features, and appearance then special ordering is a great option apart from buying a car off the lot.

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