The No. 1 Guide to Leasing or Buying a Car Online With AutoSwiftly

One thing the global pandemic has made clear, you can achieve a lot online. Leasing or buying a car online is the easiest it has ever been!

A Deloitte’s 2021 Global Automobile Consumer study unearthed 80% of potential vehicle owners prefer searching online for a car, while more than 70% prefer completing the process online. Now, you can move from searching to driving in seconds.

Here at AutoSwiftly, we are committed to offering you an extraordinary driving experience. Let’s guide you on how to buy or lease a car online.

But, hold the phone.

Why You Should Buy or Lease a Car Online

Sure, there’s a percentage of customers who still prefer buying or leasing a car in person. However, before you dismiss the online path, consider the following benefits:

  • Save time, resources and money – 0.8% savings on average
  • Enjoy a streamlined and convenient process
  • There’s no sales pressure so you can do everything at your pace and pleasure
  • Home concierge services to take care of most of your buying or leasing processes
  • A wide pool of options
  • Transparency as you get to research the dealer’s portfolio for legitimacy
  • Enjoy a home test drive
  • Customer support at your fingertips

Lease or Buying a Car Online Strategy

Leasing or buying a car online is a serious affair. The abundant online choices and resources might confuse you even more and might result in you making mistakes.

To avoid such, follow these essential steps:

What Are Your Needs?

Before you even visit any dealer in person or online, you must decide why you really need that car.

Is it for commuting to work? Are you looking for a compact, midsize or full size? Or maybe a luxury, SUV or sports car? Where are you planning to drive the vehicle? Smooth terrain like in the city or the countryside where there’s rough terrain?

Do you need the car for the short or long term?

That one question, ‘why exactly do I need a car’? Is enough to help you decide the type of car that you are looking for.

Take a Deep Plunge into your Finances

Let’s face it, a car doesn’t come cheap. Having a plan on how you are going to acquire and pay for one is an essential step. Besides, the long-term car ownership costs can be considerably higher than the actual costs you incur when acquiring the vehicle. Costs such as depreciation, leasing fees, repairs, maintenance, insurance, fuel, registration, to name a few, should be foremost considerations.

Whether you have adequate savings or depend on car financing, have a plan that won’t jeopardize your other bills. Let your budget guide you to the car you need, while simultaneously looking for comfort and maximum functionality.

In addition, if that gas or diesel-powered vehicle is too much for your budget, consider buying or leasing an electric vehicle. EVs have a much lower cost of ownership, and you’ll be taking care of the environment.

Research, Research, Research Leasing or Buying A Car Online

Did you know there are more than 40 vehicle brands on sale or for lease in the United States at any given time?

Those many cars are enough to disorient you, especially if you decide to check them out in person. On the brighter side, you have plenty of options to choose from.

All of these brands are online. Take adequate time and research as many of these brands as you can. Analyze their benefits and drawbacks while considering your needs and budget. There are various reliable online resources for price and features comparison such as Edmunds, Kelley Blue Book, and CarsDirect, to name a few.

The research will help you decide which brand is best for you, servicing capability, resale value, availability of spare parts, new or used, and buy or lease.

Utilize the Experts

Let’s face it, shopping for a vehicle online is challenging. It’s worse when you have to go through hundreds or thousands of different vehicles from hundreds of websites. Adding the modern cyber threats to the mixture is enough for you to give up before you even begin.

Fortunately, there’s a better way.

Utilize experts, such as AutoSwiftly, who deal in sifting through the numerous online resources and car websites to get you the ideal car you need that’ll best suit your needs.

Express Yourself

When you get your ideal car expert, don’t be afraid to express yourself. Be open about what exactly you are looking for, your budget, and any other minute detail.

This consultation is always two ways. The expert will ask you questions to understand your needs better. Feel free to do the same and more. The more and clear details you provide, the more information the expert has and better chances at getting you the best car.

Step Back and Wait

You’ve provided all the necessary information to the last tee. Now you can sit back, relax and get yourself some green tea.

Getting any from the millions of vehicles online is a piece of cake for any expert. But getting the ideal car based on your needs and requirements takes skills, patience and time on both fronts.

It’s not like it’ll take weeks or months, but give the experts a few days to get you the best results.

Scrutinize Everything

You’ve finally gotten the car you’ve been looking for. Whether you are leasing or buying, let the agent bring it to you at a location of your choosing.

But don’t let the excitement blindside you.

Before signing anything, check everything on the car. If possible, have a mechanic or engineer present to help you. Then go through all documents to make sure all details are correct. In our case, our agents will help you go through the fine points to give you a chance to ask any questions if an area is unclear.

After checking the documents, ask for a test drive to get a feel of your ride. No matter what, don’t let any tips replace your common sense and good judgment.

Drive Away Into the Sunset

When you are satisfied the documents are in order, and the car is fantastic, you can now sign the necessary documents as per the law.

Our agents will help you through this entire process and ensure you are satisfied with the vehicle you receive.

Now, the car is yours. Ensure you drive safe, obey the law, but enjoy your ride.

The Ideal Car for the Best Experience

With numerous online sources to turn to, how do you know which website is right for your needs? The marketplace can be tricky and confusing – you need a car lease or buy website that will do most of the work for you.

At AutoSwiftly, our agents are ready and committed to getting your ideal car according to your unique needs. Whenever you are ready, begin the online application process. We’ll ensure your car buying or leasing journey is swift so your journeys can be exciting and extraordinary. 

Shocking fact: The customary procedure of buying or leasing a car by moving from one dealership to the other is retrogressive and archaic.

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