Best Car Features To Stay Safe And Save Money

Best Car Features Checklist

The automobile industry has changed immensely and with new technology introduced it has been observed that many car buyers have started to choose the car with good features. Moreover, every big brand works toward the client’s requirements and with their feedback program, they come to know about what a person is looking for when buying a new car. 

With a broad segment of luxury cars to affordable cars, it has become tough for a few individuals to know what are the best car features when deciding to get new wheels. Continue to read this blog guide brought to you by AutoSwiftly for a better understanding.

Car features checklist

Getting a feature-packed car is more than just spending money on wheels. In addition, from robust engine performance to advanced music systems to comfy leather seats, you must know the additional features that not only increment the car’s value but offer a smooth commuting experience.

Must have safety features:

Find out here all the must have safety features you need to protect you and your loved ones!

Robotic Braking Mechanism:

This sort of feature prevents unnecessary collisions that can adversely damage the car when running at high speed. The advanced auto sensors protect the car and passengers from harsh forceful impact. Besides, the car equipped with a pedestrian system is the most beneficial.

Predicted Collision Warning:

The amazing car features let the driver know if there is any possible collision ahead due to bad weather conditions, or any other complications going around.

Blind Spot warning:

This system provides audible and visual notifications to the driver if the car is getting into a vehicle blind spot.

These safety systems ensure complete security of the vehicle owners and prevent unwanted damages resulting in heavy losses.

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Additional Security Features:

Automatic High Beams:

This amazing feature adjusts the high beam as per the ongoing traffic on the road and controls it if there is a car coming ahead to avoid blinding the driver. Moreover, it offers great safety by using high beams in the most controlled manner.

Rear Camera:

With the introduction of rear reverse cameras and sensors, many people admire this feature as it has made reversing quite easy and fast. Moreover, it allows the driver to know if there is any object nearby while reversing the car so that the collision can be avoided.

Must have convenience features

Android Auto and Apple Car play:

With the introduction of the smart infotainment system many things have gone easy. Now there is no requirement to use complex aux cables to enjoy the music from your mobile’s playlist. Just connect the Smartphone with the preferred platform and get the tasks done with the voice-over while keeping complete attention to the driving and the road.

Apple Carplay & Android Auto is very amazing systems with very good ecosystems.

Audio control and AC Knobs:

It has been observed that the use of knobs is more practical and easy to control than making use of a touch screen panel. Any time when the driver takes the eyes away from the road while driving can result in adverse situations. Therefore, it becomes crucial to have the features making driving simplified and paving the way towards safety.

Features to skip

Huge wheels and low profile tires:

There is no doubt those huge wheels add great cosmetic effect to the car but they do not offer better traction and control when driving the car. Moreover, it cannot counter adverse road bumps and potholes. The use of standard tires is far better if the need is to get better safety.

Besides, the sidewalls of low-profile tires are not big enough to offer a smooth driving experience.

Pre-equipped navigation system:

The in-built navigation system won’t offer any exceptional advantage but can be heavy on pockets as car makers may charge for adding such car features. Moreover, connect your phone with Android Auto and Apple Car play to utilize the navigation system.

Following this will allow you to showcase the same directions and maps that are meant for the navigation system. Besides, save the additional bucks by skipping such car features.

Automatic steering control:

The car experts say that there is no additional safety or better vehicle control with this type of feature. Moreover, if the automatic steering is not working properly then it can cost you more than the price you paid when buying the car. 

Well, you may have come to know about the amazing car features and the features that need to be skipped. We expect that you will make the right decision and buy the car equipped with great features. Consider the following car features checklist for making the best investment. 

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