Benefits of Having Apple Carplay & Android Auto

Your new car should come with Apple carplay & android auto

Read all about the benefits of apple carplay & android auto

When talking about technology you can expect innovations every day. With the introduction of apple car play and android auto, they have become the common platforms for navigation, listening to music, streaming videos, and even more.

Previous innovations such as the auxiliary port have removed the requirement of a CD driver, Bluetooth connectivity made it easy to use the music system without using any complicated wires for connection, and the advanced GPS eliminated the use of physical maps. 

The difference between cars stays evergreen but with new infotainment systems, things are changing at a fast pace. Moreover, a few people believe that buying cars in old times was easy because of limited choice and less competition around.

With time, the industry has changed immensely. 

Every person has a different preference when they want to buy a car, some consider the engine performance while a few go for interiors, but not focusing on the infotainment system is not a good idea. In addition, an advanced infotainment system will offer great entertainment.

It make the trip easy when you are not able to find the correct path to your destination.

What is apple carplay?

The apple car play is an in-vehicle add-on that showcases your iPhone screen to the infotainment screen. Moreover, it allows the driver to utilize the software for making calls, navigation for reaching the destination, sending text via Siri, streaming videos, and playing music.

The interface is easy to use as the same icons, and apps, are presented on the apple car play screen. Most car play features can be controlled with a voice assistant known as Siri. In addition, third-party apps are introduced to the car play making it fast to access all the applications.

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What is android auto?

The android auto works similarly to car play and offers the same advantages one can get with car play. In addition, users having Android 10 can utilize Android auto but if you are using an older version of Android then you can download the Android Auto from the Google Play store.

Many individuals like the Google service because they are reliable and user-friendly in comparison to apple. In addition, the digital assistant allows you to ask questions such as how far away is California or any other query you want to address.

Google maps is considered of the best navigation apps in the world. With android auto the home screen is built in and makes it easier to use it.

Which vehicles do support this advanced tech?

Many car makers offer this advanced system making things easy around from navigation to playing music and even more. There are reputed car manufacturers that offer in-built apple car play and android auto to offer the best experience to the buyers.

Moreover, some of the car makers provide such benefits as subscriptions or additional add-ons for which you need to pay extra. 

Which one is better?

The answer is quite difficult as both the infotainment systems have their distinct features and offer unique advantages. In addition, you can select the one matching your requirements. The major difference between the two can be the connection made with the Smartphone and how fast the interface is.

Besides, you can manage different tasks such as navigation, playing online music, making calls, or streaming videos.

Benefits of having android auto & apple carplay

There are certain benefits of owning a car equipped with the advanced entertainment system. Find out more about the benefits of apple carplay & android auto here.

1. Stability

While driving on the road the main aspect of secure driving is to be stable and keep eyes on the way towards the destination. The fast entertainment systems make traveling hassle-free and guide you through the journey.

Use it for phone calling and google assistant which makes driving a lot smoother when having android phones.

2. Fast Interface

Whenever you are in a hurry and do not have enough time to manage things around then apple car play and android auto can manage the tasks perfectly. They act as a helping hand allowing you to complete the leftover tasks you need to complete at the earliest.

Besides, the user-friendly interface offers a great user experience and works fast keeping the complications away.

3. Play Music

The best part of both apple car play and android auto is that you do not need to select the specific music or scroll through the long playlist. Moreover, the utilization of digital voice assistance allows you to give a command and play the music you want to. A hassle-free and smooth music experience.

4. Better Navigation

Both the systems come with the latest software and if there is any update then just download it and update it. Besides, the latest data stored paves the way toward flawless navigation allowing you to reach the destination on time.

The introduction of this advanced entertainment system allows you to text, play music, and stream videos, in short, get everything from your mobile screen on the car’s dashboard simplifying things around. By connecting your phone to the main unit, you do not need to use your hands for making a call.

Just utilize the cabin mic and the output can be heard with the speakers installed.

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