Compared to a Certified pre-owned (CPO) vehicle, does leasing to own make more sense?

In recent years, more people have preferred leasing a car to buy it when the lease ends. However, if you are on the lookout for cheaper options, purchasing a second-hand vehicle instead of buying a brand new vehicle is better. This blog provides the advantages and disadvantages of leasing a new vehicle compared to buying a pre-owned car.

What Is Leasing to Own?

Leasing is an arrangement that allows the driver to lease a new vehicle for a set period, usually three years. To buy it at the end of that period. This offers the benefit of reducing the payments made during the acquisition period. When compared to purchasing the new car outright.

What Is a Certified Pre-Owned Car?

Certified pre-owned (CPO) cars are factory-certified secondhand vehicles that have been used slightly. Car manufacturers or dealerships generally offer the vehicles as perfectly reconditioned and warrantied cars. CPO vehicles must undergo a vigorous and regulated multipoint inspection procedure. With each car meeting specific requirements such as age and mileage limit. CPOs must also be in excellent cosmetic condition and be mechanically sound. Any vehicle with issues is usually rejected for CPO status.

Certified Pre-Owned (Or CPO) Cars: Pros and Cons

If you need greater peace of mind, you should get a certified pre-owned lease over an uncertified pre-owned one. However, this option has its disadvantages when compared to the lease to own option:


  • Warranty coverage: Unlike a used vehicle, a certified pre-owned car comes with warranty coverage from its manufacturer as a kind of quality assurance. During your warranty period, you can have your vehicle repaired at your local dealership for free should it experience any challenges.
  • Low mileages: Certified pre-owned cars have a limit on their mileage and age. This guarantees you get an almost new vehicle with low mileage to give you value for your money.
  • Thorough inspection: Since it undergoes a rigorous inspection from multi-sector inspection units, you can expect your certified pre-owned vehicles to be problem-free for quite a while. Dealerships usually inspect the cars thoroughly before releasing them onto the market.
  • Less costly: CPO cars are generally less expensive than brand new vehicles. If you are on a tight budget or need a vehicle for a short period, CPO may be the best option.


  • Higher price than a regular used car because you are paying for assured quality. Dealerships usually spend a lot of time, effort, and money on ensuring a certified pre-owned vehicle is in perfect condition.
  • Limited choices: Due to the low mileage requirements and stringent inspection requirements, only a few cars get the certified pre-owned grade. This means that you are more likely to get fewer options available than you would get with a brand new vehicle.
  • Limited loan terms: Like regular used cars, CPO financing programs are usually shorter than financing new vehicles. Most new car loans extend to 60 to 72 months, while CPO financing programs may be capped at 36 or 48 months.
  • Higher risk element: Although they go through multi point inspection and come with warranty coverage, CPO vehicles still carry an element of risk. It is vital to give a model you are buying a full test drive and your own independent inspection. If possible, have your trusted mechanic give the vehicle a look just in case the dealership technicians missed something.

Can You Lease CPO Cars?

A big question that buyers often ask is, can you lease CPO cars? Ideally, authorized dealerships offer exclusive leases on certified pre-owned cars. In a nutshell, although you don’t often hear about it, it is possible to lease a CPO vehicle.

Why Does It Make Sense to Opt for a Lease to Own over Buying a Used Vehicle?

There are several advantages of driving a new car under a lease-to-own strategy compared to buying a used car. If you are in a dilemma about whether it’s better to buy a new or used car, consider the following
advantages of a lease to own strategy:

Better fuel efficiency: Newer cars usually deliver better fuel efficiency when compared to older vehicles due to advancements in technology.

Advanced safety features: Manufacturers are constantly looking for ways to make newer cars safer. Today’s car technology helps drivers avoid accidents or prevent them from getting severely injured.

Better in-car technology: In-car technology also keeps improving with time. New cars deliver a better driving experience and comfort in several ways. Innovations such as integrated app suites, Wi-Fi hotspots, driver-assist tech, and top-notch entertainment systems make driving much more enjoyable.

Manufacturer incentives: Manufacturers usually offer special rebates and incentives on new cars that substantially reduce costs. Besides, manufacturers also provide low leasing rates on new vehicles, which reduce the upfront costs of the vehicle.

Flexible monthly payments: Monthly payments are generally lower on a lease-to-own vehicle than buying a new car or CPO vehicle. This makes cash flow management easier while saving you financial pressures.

Low maintenance costs: Although a CPO vehicle has a factory warranty, the warranty usually expires at some point. Unfortunately, used vehicles demand more repairs and maintenance than newer cars, meaning you will dig into your pocket for repair costs. In a nutshell, older cars will likely require greater investment in maintenance than new vehicles.

Attractive resale value: One of the most significant advantages of a new vehicle overused or CPO cars is its residual value. A new vehicle will be worth more when you are ready to sell it.

Get Financing Today

Buying a ride requires a lot of thought and research. You can either opt for a CPO vehicle to save on money or choose a lease-to-buy strategy that delivers more value for money. Typically, a lease to own a vehicle is ideal for someone who wants to combine a lower monthly payment with the benefits of buying and holding a new car.  Whether you are looking for a used vehicle, a CPO car, or a brand new ride, Autoswitly can help you finance your vehicle so you get exactly what you want. As the leading car title loan company, we are committed to getting you the most money for your car title loan at the lowest rate. Our fast approval process and quick turnaround time ensure you get the cash you need right when you need it most. Call our team of title loan experts today to learn more.

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