The Best Family Cars of 2022

Looking For The Best Family Cars of 2022

What are the best family cars of 2022?

Around 1 million brand new cars are sold each month in the US. With inventory tightening due to a global parts shortage, if you are in the market for a new vehicle, then you need to get the right model. So what are your options? 

Luckily, there are lots of models available that have performance, comfort, and value for money. Read on as we discuss the best family car choices for 2022. 

The Winners: SUVs and Minivans

Below are the SUVs and minivans that are making headlines as the best car for family use in 2022. There is a wide selection, from compact SUVs to larger vans. We have managed to pick our top three. 

2022 Honda CR-V

The Honda CR-V is the best SUV compact model. Prices start at $26,400, making it extremely competitive. 

Inside it has a spacious cabin, which means it is the best car for big family trips and outings in its class. The infotainment system seems a little dated when compared to rivals, but it still has all the features you need. 

The safety tech you would expect from a Honda is all included. Underneath it is powered by a turbocharged 1.5-liter 4-cylinder engine. This makes it quick and responsive.

While being great for a family car, its only downside is that it is not great for other uses. It can only tow 1500 pounds and with no off-road trim model, is not as versatile as others. 

2022 Toyota Sienna

The Toyota Sienna is undoubtedly the best minivan for family use. Prices start at $34,560, and with a host of trims and upgrades, you can tailor it to your exact specifications. 

Seating up to 8 passengers, this van is perfect for large and extended families. Even with this much seating, it still manages to seem spacious and allow plenty of space for cargo. 

It is one of the few models where an all-wheel drive is available. A hybrid drivetrain also makes it unique in its class. The only downside is that none of this feels that powerful when on the large chassis. 

New additions to this year’s line include a Woodland Edition. This off-road version has an all-wheel drive and a raised height. For every unit sold, $250 will be given to the National Environmental Education Foundation.

2022 Kia Telluride

This car is winning accolades and praise across the board. A three-row SUV comes in 7 or 8 seat models. With front or all-wheel-drive versions available, the Kia Telluride can deliver 291-horsepower from a 3.8-liter V-6 engine.

It has been upgraded since last year’s release with new badging and better features in the standard trim models. The already spectacular safety features have been upgraded even further to include emergency braking with pedestrian detection, lane keeps assist, and more.

With a starting price of $33,090, it is also extremely competitively priced. Its only downfall is that no hybrid version is currently available, so it may leave your wallet tight should fuel prices increase further. 

The Winners: Cars

These cars are much more compact than SUVs and minivans. Ideally for city living, they still have all the best in comfort and safety that your family needs. 

Toyota Corolla

The world’s best-selling car has finally had a return to form. A hybrid, it takes a lot of its inspiration from the larger Prius and the C-HR SUV. Together, they have combined to create a compact everyday use vehicle that can compete with others in its class in every way. 

You can choose between a 1.8 liter or 2-liter engine. Each can deliver 120 bhp and 181 bhp, respectively. A CVT automatic gearbox comes as standard. 

A wide range of models has been released to suit all your needs. All models have five seats, and trunk space varies depending on if you have the hatchback, saloon, or estate model. The rear seat room space is great in all models, though headroom can be lacking if you have taller members riding as passengers. 

Volkswagen ID.3

If you are looking for an all-electric family hatchback, you can not go wrong with the Volkswagen ID.3. The first in a new electric direction for the company, it does not fail to disappoint with excellent green credentials and value for money. 

What makes it the best car in its class is its spacious cabin. This is due to a scaled-back interior, which prioritizes comfort above all else. You may find the infotainment system a little awkward to manage, but aside from this, you can’t fault it. 

What defines an electric vehicle is its range, and you can get around 260 miles on a single charge using the mid-spec 58kWh engine. Combined with its zero Co2 emissions rating, it is a solid environmental step forward. 

New Car Tech for Families

This year has seen numerous new car tech features added for families, mainly to do with safety. Most interesting are teen driver controls, which are excellent if you have a new driver in the family. It can allow parents to set limits on speed and audio controls, monitoring the driving habits and patterns of the new road user. 

Other than this, automatic braking has been introduced to several cars. They come into play when navigating small spaces in which little persons may be hard to see.

The rest of the new tech in cars concentrates on comfort and entertainment. In-car Wi-Fi, rear-seat USB ports and heated rear seats are appearing in most new models. 

Choosing the Best Family Car

Now that you know the best family car choice on the market, decide on your needs. Are you looking for a smaller city ride or a large minivan to house the kids and cargo? Book a test drive and see which is right for you.

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